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Opinions Don't Matter

  Feb 10, 2017

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. All that matters is what you think of you. We waste so much energy worrying about the opinions of others, wanting to be liked, needing to please. But authentic leadership and real personal mastery are all about rising above social approval—to se ...

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Focus! Focus! Focus!

  Feb 2, 2017

Sages often draw our attention to an Indian fable wherein it is stated that if it rains at the time when star Svati is in the ascendant, and a drop of rain falls into an oyster, that drop gets transformed into a pearl. 
The oysters are said to be very much aware of this. That is why they com ...

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Tackling work crisis

  Jan 30, 2017

When it comes to work-life management, one can’t ignore one for the other. Because, life is where work is; and work is where life is. A research firm, Catalyst, says one who can’t manage life can't manage work too. And, one who can manage good work at his/her work place  ...

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Be A Cool Brand

  Jan 25, 2017

You are a brand. No matter what you think, when people hear your name, they conjure up some association. When people see you, an emotional response gets evoked. Like it or not, you (and your reputation) truly are a brand. So I gently suggest that you manage it well. Actually, what I really want ...

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Make passion your driver

  Jan 20, 2017

If you work for happiness, you may not get it; but if you work with happiness, then you will get it. If you wish to achieve satisfaction in life, work according to your nature. Do the things you love doing since that will give you inner joy.  Work is effortless when you love doing your work. Wh ...

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